Global Warmming

Topics: Economics, Globalization, World Bank Pages: 4 (1394 words) Published: March 16, 2013
“Globalization, the process by which an increasing share of world production is trade internationally, and the productive systems of different countries become increasingly integrated, is credited with many merits and held responsible for many evils”(Cigno et al., 2002: 1597-1589). It’s a special pattern which can destroy and reconstruct all aspects of human being activities, for example, politics, economics, culture, thought and other areas. This essay will argue that although to some extent globalization has negative effects on several areas, for instance, expanding gap between rich and poor, overall, it is still a very important platform for people to exchange products and improve the economy of developing countries. First, it will discuss the impact of globalization on employment. Then, it will focus on the effects on equality. Finally, it will talk about how globalization has affected business in developing countries. Firstly, globalization helps people who live in developing countries to obtain employment in multinational companies. Because of the free world trade system, multinational companies are established frequently, which leads to a consequence that a large amount of labour is needed. Many enterprises, which are wealthy, are relocating their jobs to low-income countries or several developing countries where salaries are quite low (Hämäläinen, 2009). This means that more people can get jobs in developing countries and this trend can stimulate the local financial and business market to expand widely. Furthermore, globalization encourages more women work force than approximately 30 years ago. Most of work done by women before was not paid housework or some traditional division of labour on family farms (Tzannatos, 1999), whereas, the female work force proportion is nearly one-third of all workers around the world, which has been improved significantly nowadays. Undeniably, several negative effects can be found in this area. Globalization, which is a...
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