Global Warming; a Vicious Cycle

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  • Published : August 5, 2013
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Global Warming; a Vicious Cycle
Krysti Story
SCI207: Dependence of Man on the Environment
April 5th, 2013

Global warming has been an issue that has caused fear and blame to be cast all over the world by various people and targeted towards various things for decades and decades, however the general consensus has remained consistent; that global warming is an issue that the entire world is undoubtedly facing and that it cannot be ignored. In this paper I intend to show the vicious cycle that revolves around global warming due to the fact that while global warming risks the wellbeing for mankind, mankind continues to encourage the progression of global warming (sometimes knowingly and albeit sometimes unknowingly), and risks the wellbeing of mankind as well as the environment.

There is a lot of controversy as to the validity of the claim of global warming as well as what causes global warming, but before one can target the root cause of global warming, you must first understand what exactly global warming is. The most important thing to know is that “global warming is the increase of Earth’s average surface temperature” (NMSEA, 2013). Now that we know and understand the basic meaning of what global warming is, it’s important to understand that the issue of the average temperature rising is not like having one really hot summer, or a warm winter one year. The issue goes far beyond that. This increase happens consistently over time, and since it is the average temperature, that means that the general temperature of the Earth, on any particular day, not during a season, etc. is higher. If it continues to rise, eventually the temperatures would be too warm to be contusive to plants growing, animals surviving, etc. To look at the extreme end of the matter, if the temperature average was too high, our earth would be too warm for humans to survive on. Our earth wouldn’t be a stable environment for anything. While there are efforts being made for satellite planets for humans to live on in space, I’m doubting those efforts would be successful if the home base planet was not a stable planet on which humans could live on in any regard, and since humans can’t survive on any other planet at this point, there would be no other option for us, and we would all become extinct.

The theories as to the cause of global warming over the years have varied vastly, however, the later theory and more common one, is that global warming is caused primarily by humans. While there is a natural greenhouse gas effect, that natural effect was not dangerous and did not risk our Earth’s health nor our existence. The intensity at which the effect is magnified is happening is caused by something, generally theorized to be humans. The theory is usually that “humans are currently adding to the naturally occurring greenhouse gases in the atmosphere, causing more warming than occurs naturally. Scientists often call this human-magnified effect the “enhanced greenhouse effect”” (Turk, J. & Bensel, T. 2011). Since Technology has advanced and humans have started driving cars, which burn fossil fuels, and emit exhaust fumes, among other things, they have advanced what would be a natural warmth of the earth on to a path to dangerous temperatures and in an extremist theory, the eventual end of survivability of all species on the planet, including but not limited to humans.

In the past there were various theories as to what initially started global warming, however, one of the most concerning theories isn’t necessarily who or what caused global warming and more about the process of stopping it’s progression and if it will do more harm than good. Have you ever wondered if the saying “the grass is always greener on the other side” is actually true? How do you really know? How does one know that the alternative to the way that they are currently living is any better than they are living right now, and maybe not worse? We have grown to live in a society where...
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