Global Warming: Tackling the Problems

Topics: Carbon dioxide, Fossil fuel, Methane Pages: 2 (774 words) Published: February 22, 2015

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Ways to Tackle The Problem Of Global Warming.
The world is suffering from many worrying threats. Global warming is one of those . Global warming is increase in temperature due to the pollutants added to the air which imbalance the nature.Here we discuss some reasons why global warming occurs and will also discuss some solutions to tackle this problem. Since the mid ninteen sixties environmentalism has exploded as a movement . Many environmentalists view modern industrial society as unsustainable and the way that western society functions as damaging the earth natural biosphere and cycles . The pre dominant factors resulting in the warming of the earth are the emission of carbon dioxide and deforestation . There is a growing body of evidence to support the belief that our consumer culture and industrial processes are infact destroying the delicate balance and complex interrelationships that nature has forged and upon which we still rely .The other factor of global warming is that increase in consumption of vehicles and deforestation . The pollution is main cause of global warming .Peole use forests for their own use in the kitchen , as a furniture any many other places . Neverless there are some potential ways to solve this problem or atleast reduce it .Awareness programmes should be held in schools colleges and other institutes to make people aware to bad effects of global warming. Firstly government need to reduce pollution by passing some laws . In this way the harmful pollutant will reduce which are main cause of global warming . The vehicles should be on gas , so that they produce less pollution. Secondly the production of garbage contributes to global warming too both directly and indirectly. Decomposing garbage in landfills produces methane and other green house gases . Waste also requires energy to manufacture in the first place . Reducing energy consumption pattern and recycle the waste . So the harmful...
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