Global Warming Summary

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  • Published : December 9, 2010
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There have been so many experiments scientists had done on, and from these experiments they observed an explosive number of information they would known. What if, one time, these intelligent people could have known an inconvenient truth; will you be able to believe them? Or you will be shock about what these people say is? This thing depends upon you. But I will share you about what I learn from Al Gore, the things really happening to our world, the “Global Warming.”

Al Gore is a statesperson who run presidency of the United States of America in 2005 but has been disqualified because his opponents have attacked his advocate about Global Warming saying that it is a fraud. But from this failure does not stop him from giving the message of Earth itself or what we called Mother Nature. From these things he had done, his endeavor of protecting our whole Earth, he established to make his movie “A Inconvenient Truth” for us not to be aware only but to respond. I remember one of his slide shows, an example of a frog that jumps over the boiling water and because of extreme hotness the frog jumps out. What Al Gore tells us in this point is we have to give respond or else we are going to kill ourselves and the whole World.

Al Gore had said that Global Warming is really basic, the suns rays comes to the earth and the earth reflects infra red rays but the clouds thickens the atmosphere that is why these infra reds are reflected back to the earth and then the temperature rises. If you are only going to look it like this, you will maybe say “Don’t tell me that, I know its!” but there are more things we don’t know really happening the things that are affected by surface heating. And these are what make this present era different form other time lines.

There are many era that had past gone on our planet Earth and these era’s almost have the same pattern of the levels of carbon dioxide but our time now, Al Gore had emphasize that it is almost twice the level of those times...
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