Global Warming Speech

Topics: Global warming, Earth, Ocean Pages: 3 (796 words) Published: November 20, 2014
Global Warming

In today’s world many people make their political decisions over whether or not they believe in global warming. You have the conservatives on the right who believe that Global warming is not true and say that it is just a natural part of the earth’s cycle. Then you have the liberals on the left who praise Al Gore and his idea of global warming and how we are destroying our planet and killing all of the animals and plants. And everybody has their own reasons on believing in the thought of global warming but I tend to stick to the right side of politics. And for many people who are unsure if it is real or not they need to ask themselves these four questions. 1. Is Global Warming real?

2. If so, is it a bad thing?
3. If it is real and bad, is human activity causing it or significantly worsening it? 4. And if all of those are true, is there anything we, as human, can realistically do to stop it? So first off, is global warming real?

Yes in the past 100 years the Earth’s temperature has risen approximately 1.5 degrees Fahrenheit. But many scientist and people have changed their beliefs into Climate Change. While basically the same thing climate change just says that the climate is changing. And obviously its changing because the Earth is never going to have two years of the exact some temperature and we want something to blame it on. And the truth is that the climate has never been or ever will be constant and it will always change because that is what it naturally does. Secondly is it a bad thing?

Evidence shows that the Glaciers are shrinking in size dramatically and that the sea levels are rising due to the fact that the Arctic ice is melting. More ocean allows more area for sea life to grow and flourish allowing more fisherman to harvest the fish for food. An example of this is a Moroccan village on the coast. For many years the village was not able to grow and flourish because of the fact that they didn’t have enough food for everyone. But...
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