Global Warming Outline

Topics: Global warming, Carbon dioxide, Earth Pages: 3 (747 words) Published: April 14, 2013
Global Warming

SCI 207: Dependence of Man on the Environment
Troy Breathwaite
September 11, 2012

Global Warming
A.Thesis Statement
Global Warming is the steady increase in earth's average temperature. Global warming is real and mainly caused by the human race burning fossil fuels for energy. Studies have shown environmental changes on a scale unprecedented in human history as we know it, including melting of polar ice caps, increased desertification, rising sea levels, and mass species extinction. Global warming poses a serious threat for tomorrow’s future. We are already seeing a disturbing change in tornadoes, and weather patterns this year. This paper will focus on global warming,the impact due to human actions, and the efforts that the human race must take to stop global warming to reinstate our earth for the sake of our future generations. (Turk & Bensel, 2011). II.Body paragraph #1

A.Greenhouse gasses trap heat radiated from the Earth's surface after it has absorbed energy from the sun, but it wasn’t until 1896 when a Swedish physicist and chemist named Svante Arrhenius showed that doubling the carbon dioxide content of the air would gradually raise global temperatures by 5 to 6 °C which was a remarkably prescient result that was virtually ignored by other scientists who were obsessed with explaining the ice ages. Global warming has been caused by an increase in atmospheric carbon dioxide from the burning of fossil fuels. Scientist now had to consider the possibility that human actions were contributing to global warming. (Turk & Bensel, 2011). III.Body paragraph #2

A.Greenhouse effect is “the global warming of our atmosphere caused by the presence of carbon dioxide and other greenhouse gases, which trap the sun's radiation.”(Turk & Bensel, 2011, sec 7.1). The Greenhouse gases are the main culprits of the global warming, and they are projected to keep going up. Greenhouse gases such as carbon dioxide,...
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