Global Warming, Not Caused by Humans

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  • Published : December 11, 2007
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Global Warming, Not Caused by Humans
In modern America few problems prove to be as fundamentally problematic as the theory of human induced global warming. Its repeated coverage from within the media and political arena are influencing people worldwide, putting those who think differently in an outcast shadow. The truth of the matter is, to not believe in human induced global warming has become politically incorrect and unacceptable in the public eye. The theory of human induced global warming can be defined as the rise in temperature through human pollution of greenhouse gases resulting in catastrophic alterations in the earth's environment. However, human pollution of greenhouse gases is so minor that it is not a contribution to the Earth's climate change, and a natural cause is the only logical explanation. In order to understand how emittance of greenhouse gases has a relation to the Earth's climate, it is necessary to understand The Greenhouse Effect.

The sun fuels the earth's climate. The earth absorbs most of the sun's energy called solar radiation, but some is reflected back into space. Clouds and a natural layer of atmospheric gases absorb a portion of earth's heat and prevent it from escaping into space. This keeps our planet warm enough for life and is known as the natural "greenhouse effect". These atmospheric gases are known as greenhouse gases. The main greenhouse gases are carbon dioxide, water vapor, methane, nitrous oxide, and ozone (Environmental Protection Agency). Without the natural greenhouse effect, the earth's average temperature would be much colder, and the planet would be uninhabitable. Although this is a necessary process, an overbuild up of greenhouse gases traps additional heat in the atmosphere, and creates a rise in temperature. This rise in temperature is known as "global warming". There is skeptism to the idea that build up of greenhouse gases causes a rise in temperature, but by referring to the graph "1000 Years of Global...