Global Warming Is a Political Issue

Topics: Carbon dioxide, Global warming, Fossil fuel Pages: 2 (511 words) Published: December 15, 2012
I believe that global warming is a political issue. The economist cares about production and consumption, which leads to rational choice and near horizon timelines (The Future of Life, pg 873). If politicians were to enforce or suggest ideas about how to help the environment, the population might be able to stay alive on earth for just a little bit longer.

The wasting of energy must be put to a halt. Politicians should encourage cars that get high miles per gallon. Certain vehicles are perfect for this and take regular gas, “and yet Detroit, despite a decade of massive funding from the Clinton administration, can’t see you one. Instead, after September 11, the automakers launched a massive campaign to sell existing stock, particularly the gas-sucking SUVs.” (It’s Easy Being Green, pg 863) Alex Wilson, editor of Environmental Building, says the average American house may be 20 percent more energy efficient than it was two decades ago, but simple tweaks like better windows and bulkier insulation could save 30 to 50 more energy with ‘very little cost implication.’ And yet building codes do almost nothing to boost such technologies, and the Bush administration is fighting to roll back efficiency gains for some appliances that Clinton managed to push through. (It’s Easy Being Green, pg 863) The less energy efficient America is, the most power plants are built and the more pollution is produced, speeding up the process of Global Warming vastly.

People think about planting trees will save us, but will that even help? There’s an old saying that goes along the lines of, “For every tree you cut down, plant two more.” This would have been helpful… twenty years ago. “Young trees don’t actually start to sequester significant amounts of carbon dioxide for 20 years, and it takes a tree 100 years to remove a measly 3000 pounds of carbon dioxide from the atmosphere – assuming the tree survives drought, fire, flood, disease, and other afflictions. And then the carbon that...
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