Global Warming in California

Topics: Global warming, Carbon dioxide, Earth Pages: 3 (961 words) Published: April 20, 2008
Global warming is an increasing problem around the world. All people and some animals add to this problem in their daily lives. California is the twelfth largest producer of greenhouse gases in the world. California is the first state in the United States to set laws that will reduce the amounts of greenhouse gases that are released into the atmosphere. (Plan to Cut) Many people are for this law, while many are against it.

There are many thoughts as to why global warming is occurring. Some scientists say that it is just the natural cycle of the Earth, therefore it is something that is going to happen no matter how many greenhouse gases there are in the atmosphere. These scientists also say that there is not much that we can do to stop it. (Plan to Cut)

Others say that global warming was brought about by human activity. The 21st century is a highly industrialized world where factories burn a lot of fossil fuels, like coal and oil, to produce their products. The burning of these fossil fuels emits pollutants, like carbon dioxide, into the air. Scientists call these pollutants greenhouse gases. It is believed that heat from the sun comes into the atmosphere, but it will not allow it to leave, which causes the Earth to gradually heat up over time. (Planet In Peril)

Whether or not global warming is part of a natural cycle or created by man, it is a problem that could completely alter the Earth's entire atmosphere. In the 20th century, the Earth's temperature rose about one degree Fahrenheit, but in the past thirty years it has gone up 3 degrees. (Planet it Peril) These warm temperatures can have dramatic effects on the planet. The polar ice caps will eventually melt, which will flood all low lying areas around the world. Some other effects are that people are dying due to heat, more and worse hurricanes are occurring, and toxic plants, animals, and insects are migrating to places they've never been before. (Adapting to a New Reality) Global warming is an...
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