Global Warming Cartoon Analysis

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  • Published : January 8, 2015
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Ethan Chow
Barbour 7th period

Global Warming Cartoon Analysis
Since the 1950s, scientists have debated the effects of climate change and global warming. The idea of global warming is that burning fossil fuels releases greenhouse gases which trap heat from the sun, making the earth warmer. This leads to many consequences such as rising sea levels, loss of biodiversity, and droughts. Over the past few years, new scientific evidence has made global warming seem more plausible, and the idea has become more and more accepted over the years. Yet some people still contradict the now widely accepted belief of human caused global warming. The cartoon shows a man holding a sign saying that “CLIMATE CHANGE WILL CAUSE WARMER WINTERS” in a sunny background. In the next pane, it begins to snow. The man continues to hold the sign but looks at the clouds, puzzled. In the third pane, it begins to snow harder, and the man is seen changing “warmer” to colder on his sign. In the last pane, the man is holding the same sign in heavy snow, but it says “CLIMATE CHANGE WILL CAUSE COLDER WINTERS” I think the message of the cartoon is that scientists that try to prove global warming are not reliable. The man holding the sign cannot conclude the effects of climate change just by looking at the climate over a short time span. One heavy snowstorm is not enough evidence to conclude the effects of climate change. It is saying that scientists trying to prove global warming do not research thoroughly enough and often change their point of view.

My reaction to this cartoon is that I disagree with the cartoon that we still do not know the effects of global warming. Numerous scientists have found substantial scientific evidence of the correlation of carbon dioxide and global warming. Although the effects of climate change cannot be concluded with the methods that the man holding the sign used, scientific experiments can use methods that take trends into account, making it much more...
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