Global Warming and the Energy Greed Connection

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  • Published : December 10, 2012
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Global Warming and the Energy Greed Connection
Global Warming is something that should be a real concern to all people in the world, but especially to my generation and the younger generation growing up now. We don’t talk about it enough or show as much concern about here in the U.S. as some other nations already do. The reason that I know about it is because my mom talks about it almost every day. She is a real science fan and constantly gives her opinions on global warming, and speaks about what she reads or learns from listening to NPR radio or watching PBS shows like Frontline. When we recently had Hurricane Sandy and during Hurricane Issac last year, Mom went on and on about how global warming was the cause of it indirectly. She watched shows on PBS that focus on the melting of the Polar ice caps in the Arctic, and how it is causing out sea levels to rise, changing the land dynamics and throwing off our Eco system. At first I thought hear she goes, but now I think that maybe she is right. It makes sense that there is a change happening because I have also noticed that each winter it seems to be staying warmer a lot longer. We just don’t have as much cold weather or snow anymore in New York. Or when it does snow briefly we have extreme weather storms. The summers also seem hotter, and we have had more weather disasters’ hurricanes. Tsunamis, earthquakes, Tidal Waves, tornadoes all over the world in the last 10 years it seems. I think that something must be going on.

My mom says that the changes are making the planet less inhabitable for humans and animals, and agriculture for...
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