Global Warming and Natural Environment

Topics: Global warming, Greenhouse gas, Water pollution Pages: 3 (865 words) Published: July 17, 2013
The environment plays a significant role in life. Meanwhile, humans impact on natural environment as well, through pollution, greenhouse effect. Obviously, our growing population not only means that people use more resources, people also produce more pollution. Therefore, pollution of the natural environment is the main issue. Today, increasing population growth causes the natural environment to change greatly. This paper focuses on the negative influence of population growth on the environment in these areas: air pollution, water pollution, global warming and ozone depletion.

Air pollution is an important pollution problem. Increasing population growth creates more of this pollutant whose major source is burning of fossil fuel, larger number of vehicles and industrial production. As a result, this leads to air pollution. Increasing air pollution of the earth atmosphere would damage to humanбпs health and air quality. Human healths effects include increase the rate of lung disease. For example, Enger and Smith (1994, P333) stated “in Pennsylvania, the city of Donora is located in a valley. In October 1948, the pollutants from a zinc plant and steel mills became trapped in the valley, and dense smog formed. Within five days, seventeen people died and 5910 persons became ill”. Based on the previous example, it clearly shows that air pollution has a negative affect on human health. In addition, air pollution can influence air quality. Normally, atmosphere is composed of seventy nine percent nitrogen, twenty percent oxygen and one percent carbon dioxide. But air pollutant toxic air, it includes sulfur dioxide and oxide of nitrogen. For instant, Tolba (1982, P11) stated, “in1970-1986, global emission rate of oxide of nitrogen increased by almost one-third, while emission of sulfur dioxide increased by approximately eighteen percent.” Therefore, air quality could debase.

Water pollution is also a main pollution issue. Water pollution arises from the rapid growth...
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