Global Warming and Enviromental Pollution

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  • Published : September 26, 2012
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Global Warming Environmental Pollution

Global Warming Environmental Pollution
* The planet Earth is now warming at a faster rate than during any time in the previous thousand years; there can be little doubt that it is the human-race who are the primary culprits. Essentially, Global Warming is the heating up of our atmosphere thanks in large part to the build-up of green house gases. This warming of our atmosphere can lead to an increase in the earth's overall temperature. This warming is caused by several varying factors such as burning fossil fuels, industry and agricultural processes initiated by humans as well as natural and other gas emissions; collectively these factors are synonymous with the term ‘Green House Effects’. The damage these processes create could devastate our planet’s natural biological cycle’s which would encompass our very existence. Recognizing our role as the primary antagonist consequentially allows us to be activists against ourselves and develop methods and habits to help rejuvenate our planet and drastically aid in turning the tide of a possibly impending global and catastrophically altering planetary change. *

* Chief among the issues at stake with regards to Global Warming is climate change thanks in part to greenhouse gases. Although human error is commonly cited as the only producer of green house gases, Earths natural environment is also a contributing factor. Greenhouse gases are common naturally occurring gases such as carbon dioxide, methane, and nitrous oxide but, human activities can considerably add to the extreme unnatural levels of these gasses. Everything from driving cars, heating homes, and fueling factories; humans are constantly involved in contributing to greenhouse emissions and alternatively leading to more problems and a excess strain on our environment. Factories alone account for more than 80% of today's carbon dioxide emissions. Global warming has a profound effect on nature as well as mankind. It can add to a longer life cycle of a disease or produce favorable conditions for germs to thrive year round because of the increase in temperature. Global warming can bring about a higher precipitation percentage in an ecosystem, which could enable infectious diseases to be contracted and spread at a more rapid rate. These factors could impact human health and are already being detected globally. Animal habitats can be effected because most animals need certain temperatures to thrive and if a particular species decides to relocate due to the conditions it takes their link out of the food chain and therefore puts a break in the cycle; that may contribute to smaller numbers of species that feeds on them or even a increase in the organism that the species that vacated fed on. * Not only does global warming affect the biotic (living organisms) of the planet, it also effects and changes the abiotic portions of each and every ecosystem as well. All over the world millions of acres of forest are burning due to increasing temperatures taking away habitats for a plethora of species. It can also change the chemical composition or make-up of an area. In addition, when temperatures increase tide levels and ocean wave patterns tend to change. When temperatures increase higher levels of salt water are produced from evaporation. When waters are more potent with salt it can erode beach front and vegetation along the shores at an accelerated rate. The evaporation which contributes to the problem is collected by our atmosphere and can cause an increase in rainfall for an area. This, consequentially, highlights a previously mentioned side effect as an increase in infectious diseases. The precipitation could also decrease or alter the quality of crops produced and, if it gets to the point crops are dying because of environmental change, may cause us to not only a permanent change our diet but also adapt as a species. Though natural in its process, this devastating...
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