Global Warming and Consumerism

Topics: Global warming, United States, Carbon dioxide Pages: 2 (559 words) Published: April 6, 2013
Name: Ahmar Mohammed
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Professor: Virginia Johnson

Effects of Consumerism
We all know our planet is getting hotter day by day because of green house effect. In the last few decades the carbon emission increased tremendously due to heavy use of technology. Consumerism is buying more things for self-satisfaction. Consumerism has both advantages and disadvantages. Consumption could be advantageous to businesses if it is used in limited ways, but consumption level has crossed the limitations and increased over years that it started destroying our planet by emitting excessive amount of carbon in the atmosphere. Can our planet support the impact of over consumerism?

Now a days the level of consumerism is increasing at surprising rate because people want to fulfill their desire by buying more things. This increase in consumerism is not supported by our planet which results in "climate change"(Chilongo, According to Menezes Chilongo, the two major problems of over consumerism are "environmental degradation and environmental pollution"(

Increase in consumerism means increase in the level of production of goods and materials which require a great amount of energy. Increased in consumerism had badly affected our environment. Many environmental destruction had experienced in the past in different places of world. If the same level of consumption continues then it is hard to imagine future generations on earth(Chilongo,

If we take instance of transportation in United States then according to United State Organization, the country with largest number of vehicles is United States. The organization concluded 247,421,120 registered vehicles in United State in 2005 analysis. This increase in the number of vehicles was started in 1960 and it is still continuing. According to United State Environmental Protection Agency "the carbon emitted by one gallon of gasoline is 8887 grams"( they...
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