Global warming and can it be prevented

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  • Published : July 27, 2014
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Global warming and can it be prevented
SCI 207

Global warming and can it be prevented
We have to face the fact that global warming is now a part of the planet, and may be due to the actions of humans making it human-caused. One of the causes of global warming is greenhouse-gas effect. It will continue for centuries even if and when greenhouse-gas emissions are stabilized in the future. Humans are helping to cause global warming by "Fossil fuel use, agriculture, and land-use change are fundamentally affecting the systems on our planet," (Science News (2009) according to Achim Steiner, executive director of the United Nations Environment Programme. In 2001 the panel that Achim was on also concluded humans were likely, or with 66 percent probability, the cause of global warming. Science and the study of global warming isn’t a house of cards, but it is more like a puzzle. By this I mean, as you put the pieces of the puzzle together the picture comes clearer as to what the ending result will be. So as the evidence builds where global warming is considered, we as humans get a clearer picture of what is changing our climate to make global warming happen. There are many different kinds of evidence that are all pointing to one single, yet consistent answer which is the main cause of global warming, it is the raising of the carbon dioxide levels to the greenhouse gas effect from our fossil fuel burning in cars, factories and industries to name just a few. This paper will discuss the ways that human actions may be the reason for the global warming that we are experiencing today and what steps and measures us as humans can take to prevent further global warming. “Most people would assume that concern over global warming or global climate change was a fairly recent phenomenon. However, as this brief article by Stephan Harding of Schumacher College in England points out, scientists as far back as the 1820s took note of possible links between human activities and the climate system.” (Turk, J., & Bensel, T. (2011). Global warming has been occurring for many years, but has recently taken the turn for the worst and affecting many environmental needs of humans and animals as well as nature in general. There are lots of factors that take part in the global warming issue but the main one is fossil fuel. Humans are currently in this day and age polluting the air with around 30 billion tons of carbon dioxide every year. Scientist have studied and measured the types of carbon dioxide that is accumulating in the atmosphere, and what they observed was more of the type of carbon dioxide that comes from fossil fuels that humans are using daily. They know this from the measurements of oxygen in the atmosphere that are mixed with the carbon dioxide in their studies. Scientist has found that carbon dioxide is rising in the atmosphere and that the levels of oxygen seem to be tapering off. This is partly because of the fossil fuels that are being used to burn in order to maintain energy. Furthermore, “independent evidence that humans are raising carbon dioxide levels comes from measurements of carbon dioxide found in coral records going back several centuries. These find a recent sharp rise in the type of carbon dioxide that comes from fossil fuels.” (Pelejero 2005).

There are indicators of a human fingerprint on climate change that could be playing a part in the global warming. All humans leave their fingerprint on the planet earth and the environment each and every day. The indicators of the human fingerprint on the climate change and what they are doing to possibly cause global warming to occur is what this paper will cover next. First, as mention early, we as humans are currently putting into the air around 30 billion tons of carbon dioxide into the atmosphere each and every year in this day and age. It is not just the United States alone that may be causing the global...