Global Warming an Enemy for Human Race

Topics: Carbon dioxide, Global warming, Greenhouse gas Pages: 7 (2018 words) Published: February 3, 2008
Global Warming an Enemy for Human Race

When we hear or read the word "global warming" many things popped up unto our minds. The basic concept we had about global warming is that temperature rises on earth's surface, and abnormal changes of the climate occurs. According to Heartland Institute that scientists have discovered that concentrations of minor greenhouse gases in the atmosphere, particularly carbon dioxide (CO2) are rising (Instant expert guide, 2007). Carbon dioxide could trap more heat in the atmosphere, leading to a gradual warming of the earth's atmosphere. Theoritically, global warming caused negative impacts to all living creatures especially us human beings by applying 3 R's which stands for reduce, re-use, and recycle we can lessen the impact, and we can have the ideal place to live in.

We should act now before it is too late; we should start doing things that will help lessen the causes of global warming; one of these is re- using plastic bags. Do not throw plastic bags away because plastics would not decompose right away, it may take up to couple or hundred of years for them to decompose. Not only that plastic also emits harmful gas to the air especially if it is burned in an incinerator. This gas specifically carbon dioxide would damaged the ozone layer. Ozone layer is an atmospheric layer within the stratosphere made of allotropic form of oxygen, and having a heavy concentration of ozone: it absorbs dangerous ultraviolet radiation from the sun and serves to maintain the temperature of the atmosphere (Webster new world, 2007). If the plastic bags can not be use any longer, we can pack them and take it to a factory where the plastic is recycled. 

Enemy for Human Race 3
In Addis Ababa, Ethiopia's capital is a city with all the problems of the under developed world, pollution is the number one problem. Joanna Stavropolou (2007) reports that Addis Ababa the most visible form of pollution is the plastic bags, cheap thin plastics are everywhere: in the rivers, on the streets and in the treetops. When plastic bags clog the waterways they create bacteria infected cesspits that further contaminate the already unclean water. During rainy seasons, plastics leach further toxic waste into the soil when they are buried under layers of mud.

The chart shows how poor Addis residents, a bigger portion of it are those people that do not have electricity and running water in their houses; and their number one problem is pollution.

Enemy for Human Race 4

70% of Addis Ababa's waste is not adequately dispose of bins are left uncollected, household rubbish is dumped directly in rivers and trash is tossed by people wherever they happen. SOS Addis, a non governmental organization (NGO) that was created by Ethiopians, started out by training 25 women, who were provided with gowns, gloves, masks and boots in order to pick up the plastic bags safely through the wastes: through its recycling program, it is cleaning up the urban environment while giving some form of employment to desperate women who have no other means of income (Re use, recycle, revitalize, 2007).

In Haiti, the role of garbage recycling as tool of sustainable development. Haiti is the poorest country in the Western Hemisphere, suffering 60% to 80% percent unemployment, a longstanding AIDS epidemic and environmental devastation (Spencer, May-June 2007). Jean Wilbert Bruno exclaimed that, "Haitians cut trees and the environment is destroyed because people are poor and...
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