Global Warming Affects Polar Bears

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Global Warming, Polar Bears 1

Global Warming Affects Polar Bears
Bingyang Li
GLS 470
Professor Silvia
December 4, 2011

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Global Warming Affects Polar Bears
Recently, economic activities are more active in some developing countries, such as China, India and Brazil. Moreover China is the second largest economy country only behind the United States. Most of this developing country did not concern about the environment issue, as a result more emission came out to the earth. For example, China has more than 200 million automobiles and as a speed of growth is about 13 million per year, meanwhile the United States has about 255 millions automobiles and the growth speed is more than 10 million per year. So, we can see how large pressure forced on the earth. It is clear that the globalization causes the climate change. Global Warming continues presenting on the earth and bringing many catastrophes to the earth. The polar bears most scientists think they are the first species in the world influenced by the climate change. Since the earth becoming warmer and warmer, the sea ice shrunk violently. As a result, the polar bear was threatened by those changes. More important thing is that if the situation still exists, polar bears will extinct in the future. This paper is focusing on the effect of the Global Warming on the polar bears’ habitat, behaviors and population. Effect on Habitat

The first effect of the Global Warming on the polar bears is their habitat. Habitat is the place providing animals with food, sleeping area and every essential material to live. In the Arctic, the polar bears’ habitat becomes worse recently due to the shortage of sea ice and food. The first change in habitat is increasing the temperature of the Arctic. With the Global Warming, Polar Bears 3

temperature increasing, the sea ice over here melts quickly. Finally, this should transfer to the polar bears and lead they die out. David barber, an instructor of the University of Manitoba working for Earth Observation Science, indicated that a medial temperature of the Arctic rose 3.5 degrees from 1970 to 2000, meanwhile the whole world only rose 0.7 degrees (Campbell, 2008). The temperature of Arctic increased more extremely compare with the other parts. This means under the global warming, we may not know that the earth becomes hotter and hotter and realize it is a serious problem because we cannot feel it. However, the deep change is going on in the Arctic. The first victim is the polar bear. Furthermore, if the sea ice disappears, the temperature of the Arctic will go up extremely. Louis Fortier, a scientist of a study group of Canada named ArcticNet, said that the Arctic sea ice cover has existed for about 3.7 million years and it works as a huge mirror to reflex the sun lights back into space. The vanishing of the ice cover might lead to a higher speed of global warming tendency (Campbell, 2008). This means that the two factors of polar bears’ habitat which are the temperature and the sea ice affect each other. The temperature directly determines the total amount of the sea ice. On the other hand, when the sea ice is shrinking, more and more lights cannot be reflected to the space. As a result, the temperature rises again. The second change in habitat is the sea ice which covers the Arctic Ocean. Because of global warming, the sea ice has diminished. A huge change happened on 2007. Near 1.3 million square km of Arctic ice disappeared in that year beyond far away from formal yearly medial of 70 thousands (Campbell, 2008). This huge change led more people worry about global warming and thus the polar bears lost their habitat. At this point, we will consider Global Warming, Polar Bears 4

about if the Arctic sea ice is gone in the future. Sea ice cover of the Arctic decreased at the average of 11.5 percent every ten years during the summer melt season from 1979 to 2010. Lots of scholars hold the opinion that the...
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