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Global Warming

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Global Warming: Fact or Fiction
Maria Mayorga
Professor Theran Mugleston
July 23, 2011


The purpose of this report is to inform members of Congress about the problems that global warming is causing and the effect of it on the earth and the environment; either they are true or only fiction. The report will inform the reader about the two opposing points of view on the topic.

Global Warming: Fact or Fiction
Step 1: Outline

1. Background of Global Warming
A. Impetus for the Global Warming
1. Arguments for the topic
2. Arguments against the topic

I. Background of Global Warming

Global warming is an average increase in the temperature of the atmosphere close to the Earth’s surface and in the troposphere. These increases in temperature can cause changes in global climate patterns. Global warming can be caused for different factors, but is mostly associated with human interference, specifically the release of excessive amounts of greenhouse gases (EPA, 2006). Global warming has become a matter of debate in recent years due to the impact it has on the environment, according to some studies. For thousands of years, the production and absorption of carbon dioxide and other greenhouse gases produced by human and animal was in balance. But in the last century, human activities such as burning of woods and all kind of fuels and clear-cutting forest has exceptionally increase the amount of greenhouse gases produced. The end result has been an increase of more of 30% in the concentration of carbon dioxide in the atmosphere. The changes in the climate due to global warming will affect different regions, ecosystems, and sectors of the economy in different ways, depending not only on the sensitivity of those systems to climate change, but also on the ability to adapt to risks and the changing conditions. The effects of climate change have already been observed in these days, and the rate of warming has increased in...

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