Global Warming

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  • Published : December 4, 2014
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1) In this article the author talks about impacts on civilizations from small and large climate changes. We have had several small climate changes in our past that affected agriculture, trade routes, and the types of products and commodities that sell. These things are occurring still to this day. But, larger climate changes have done a lot more damage in the past. They have cause the rise and fall of whole societies. For example, the Mayan Empire. It was believed to have fallen from decades of drought that ruined its agriculture base and deprived its cities of drinking water. Although, Europe’s Medieval Warm Period was the reason for the rise of Spain, France, and England, which began the expansion of farm production, population, cities, and universities.

2) The author says that climate change will increase the amount of land on earth. He says this will happen from currently frosty areas warming, while the amount of “desirable” land will have a tremendous flux. There would be extremely large population drops and inclines all over the world as the climates around the world change for better or worse. Popular places like Arizona and Nevada with large growth markets today could become extremely hot and the markets would crash. Two places that would so to say “win” from a climate change could be the Laurentide Mountains region. If it warmed up a bit there more people would be attracted to it and like the author said “, might transform into the new Poconos.” Another place that could benefit from the change is the authors hometown, Buffalo, New York, the very nice homes there today cost the same as a one-bedroom condo in Boston or San Francisco but if there was a climate change in this area making it less cold and snowy the town could become just as busy as Boston or San Francisco making it a more desirable place.

3) The author talks about places will already warm climates, such as Nevada and Arizona, to become even more hot becoming unbearable and...
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