Global Warming

Topics: Global warming, Temperature, Climate change Pages: 3 (839 words) Published: February 16, 2011
Global warming
Global warming the biggest threat in 21st century
The term global warming has been common in the fields of whether and climate. The term does not posses the literal meaning as such but simply implies change in climate. The change in climate is attributed to overall rise in average temperatures of the universe. This poses a great threat to mankind (Korgen, 2007). The dangers attributed to global warming include health issues, scarcity of some vital natural resources, increase in temperatures of the natural water bodies and general fall back of economy.

According to the view of professionals and researchers in the medical field, global warming is one of the top agendas that need immediate attention for its predicted threat to the living standards of human beings. Some of the threats linking to health include scarcity of water, poverty and eclipsing infectious diseases. These phenomena will be felt in countries that are still developing and will further join existing food shortage. These effects will not only affect the present generations but also generations to come (Yan & Crookes, 2007).

Having a planet that is warmer will lead to flooding of coastal cities causing mass migrations especially for settlers in the coastal regions. Fights over resources like food and water will be among the top stories in this century. The resources will be inadequate to meet the needs of growing populations. The rise in temperatures will lead to various diseases and disorders. Deaths resulting from droughts, floods and intense storms will also increase (Korgen, 2007).

2007 Climate Change World Organizations figured a 6.4 degrees Celsius temperature rise which will lead to rise in level of seas from 18 to 59 centimeters (Fuchs & Chery, 2008). With this effect, we expect calamities like flooding of seas and rivers which always come with contagious infections. Another area which is likely to be affected by rising sea levels is public health. The...
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