Global Warming

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Global Warming

Global warming is the rise in temperature (warming) of the entire planet and oceans. The rising temperatures affect our climates in such that droughts will happen more often, deserts will become bigger, heat waves will happen more often, and snow will lessen in areas. Also storms and hurricanes will happen more often. Global warming happens very slowly, the environment goes through natural periods of cooling and warming. Global warming causes changes in the climate over time. Global warming has been an issue since 1950. (White, 2013) A lot of times global warming is referred to as climate change. Greenhouse gases are the main cause of global warming due to human activity. Contributors to the rise of greenhouse gases released into the air causing global warming include burning oil and gas to power automobiles, machinery, and heat/energy. These are all due to human activity on a daily basis. Continued global warming which can lead to flooding which can lead to more mosquitoes and disease carrying insects which can affect humans adversely such as a rise in diseases that are deadly to humans. Human activities have a huge impact on global warming. Human activities that cause global warming include farming, deforestation, the burning of fossil fuels (power plants), automobiles we drive every day, and the increased use of chemical fertilizers on crops. Scientist’s state that vehicles we drive daily contribute to about a quarter of the yearly U.S.’s carbon dioxide releasing in the environment. (Union of Concerned Scientists 2012) This is one of the highest percentages out of all but three other states. Human activities impact global warming in the amounts of greenhouse gases that are released into the atmosphere. Carbon dioxide is released from the burning of fossil fuel from power plants and transportation vehicles release the same....
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