Global Warming

Topics: Global warming, Carbon dioxide, Climate change Pages: 3 (1049 words) Published: March 12, 2014

Climate Change Crisis
Decades have passed since the first word of global warming came out, however, the problem has still has not found a solution. Not only is there no foreseeable fix in the future, but the earth will continue to warm leading to a plethora of extreme natural events occurring now and into the future. Scientists, geologists, and even politicians have invested millions of dollars into research and funding for campaigns on global warming. They all believe they have found a soltution or a way to temporarily aid global warming. Yet, the problem hasn’t been fixed and the debate goes on. Conservatives and Democratic liberals both agree that Earth is warming but they butt heads when it comes to agreeing on a plan to sufficiently slow down or reverse the effects of excessive carbon dioxide levels in the atmosphere. Whether it be by taxing people for the amount of carbon dioxide they use or finding cleaner energy sources for the industry, a solution is inevitable.

There is much controversy on the matter of global warming. Writers and global warming activist like Bill Mckibben use fear tactics to aggressively encourage people to participate in their movement to make a cleaner earth. However, most agree that installing fear into is not the most effective way of handling the situations. Even to the extreme, “If we don’t do these things, McKibben warns, we might be ravaged not only by nature but also by each other, as we descend into Malthusian wars over water, food and other necessities”(Horgan). Michael Branch admires Mckibben for inspiring change but wanders, “what rhetorical mode may be most effective in prompting people not only to acknowledge the problem of global warming, but also to change their lives in order to help solve it.” While Mckibben has found success with fear tactics, other participants in the debate have used a more logical approach to their audience. Bob Inglis, former republican congressman from South Carolina in visions fixing...
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