Global Warming

Topics: Earth, Carbon dioxide, Global warming Pages: 2 (691 words) Published: November 14, 2013
Global warming is the average annual temperature of the earth. This topic has evidence that demonstrates it is a serious concern. This is shown in the affect of global warming on humans, wildlife, and in the image with the people at the beach. Global warming has a negative affect on humans and wildlife populations.

To start, global warming has a negative affect on humans because it will begin to take up all of the food and water supplies from crops and gardens. Global warming is an extreme problem mainly because the cause of floods and droughts. Half the worlds deaths are cause by natural disasters such as flooding and droughts. If we have floods then they could drowned the crops and also kill many people. If droughts continue, more then crops could dry out and would have to re-plant multiple times. This could be a vast problem for all humans because if food supplies get low, and water supplies ends as well then there could be many deaths in the world. Also greenhouse gases are another major problem for humans. Carbon dioxide is the main problem for greenhouse gases and continues to be responsible for up to 60% of the greenhouse affect. Even if greenhouse gases were to make a dead stop, it would take many, many years to for it to leave the atmosphere. Greenhouse gases are made up from the burning fossil fuels that come from factories and power plants. They can also be produced by transportation such as cars, boats, airplanes and by heating, or air-conditioning homes.

Wildlife is also affected by global warming for many reasons. Wildlife truly depends on the temperatures staying consistent around the same time of year, and if it gets too hot, or too cold, then the plants and animals could eventually die due to the temperatures. If the habitats of wildlife start becoming brutally destroyed by the temperatures, like the polar bears and penguins for example, then they will all die because they have no place to live since the Arctic is melting. Coral reefs...
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