Global warming

Topics: Global warming, Carbon dioxide, Fossil fuel Pages: 2 (419 words) Published: October 22, 2013
Thesis: Global warming is a human induced phenomenon causing a dramatic rise in average global temperatures and posing a major threat to our planet and it’s ecosystems.

Points of Evidence:

The science is clear: Human activity is causing our climate to change.
-When we extract and burn fossil fuels such as coal or petroleum, we cause the release of carbon dioxide (CO2) and other heat-trapping “greenhouse gasses” into the atmosphere. Though natural amounts of CO2 have varied from 180 to 300 parts per million (ppm), today’s CO2 levels are around 400 ppm. That’s 30% more than the highest natural levels over the past 800,000 years. We can tell that the additional CO2 in the atmosphere comes mainly from coal and oil because the chemical composition of the CO2 contains a unique fingerprint.

Although it is natural for local temperatures to fluctuate, over the past fifty years the average global temperature has increased at the fastest rate in global history.
-Average temperatures have climbed 1.4 degrees Fahrenheit (0.8 degree Celsius) around the world since 1880, much of this in recent decades.The wide range use of chlorofluorocarbons in the late twentieth century directly contributed to the depleting ozone at that time. After this was realized by scientists and acknowledged by the IPCC, the use of chlorofluorocarbons was phased out.

The Earth’s atmosphere is over-loaded with heat-trapping carbon dioxide, which threatens large-scale disruptions in climate with disastrous consequences.
-Carbon dioxide and other air pollutants are collecting in the atmosphere like a thickening blanket, trapping the sun’s heat and causing the planet to warm up. Coal-burning power plants, automobiles, and deforestation are the top contributors to this carbon dioxide emission.


Global warming is a serious issue...
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