Global warming

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  • Published : September 26, 2013
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In March of 1992, Dr. Richard Sanford wrote an outspoken paper opposing the claims of the global warming hysteria of recent time. Sanford discusses how people accept global warming theories as scientific fact without questioning their validity. I can honestly say that I was one of these people who agreed with the media's interpretation of these theories. After reviewing the pro global warming material in the course text, Environmental Science, written by G. Tyler Miller, and reading several articles on the opposition of global warming, I find myself becoming not a hardcore skeptic, but someone that will no longer take information at face value without reviewing as many of the particulars as possible. In his essay, Sanford does state relevant, indisputable facts about the greenhouse effect and the increase in greenhouse gases that have occurred over the last century. These are the only areas that Sanford is in agreement with the text. There is enough evidence showing that there is a definitive increase in CO2, one of the major contributors to greenhouse gases, since the industrial revolution began. Scientists have monitored increasing levels of CO2 from the top of Mauna Loa, Hawaii, since 1958 to present. This is the first time that CO2 data has been recorded for this length of time and should prove useful for future global warming analyses. This is where Sanford departs from the global warming, drum banging text material. If I were to read through the text without reviewing opposing views, I might have my cars for sale on e-bay while looking to purchase a rickshaw so my children could pull me to work.
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