Global Warming

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  • Published : March 3, 2010
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Date: 17th March, 08
Name: Krishna Pandey
En 151
Cause and Effect Essay
“Global Warming”
The Earth is getting more polluted day by day. With infrastructural development progressing at a rapid rate, some harmful chemicals that are produced from science and technological equipment are disposed in the environment. Due to the subsequent increase in the amount of these chemicals in the atmosphere, the Ozone layer that prevents harmful particles from entering into the earth atmosphere gets depleted causing those harmful particles to enter into the earth atmosphere. Due to this, the earth's environment is disturbed, which, in time, results in very high temperature on its surface. This is known as ‘global warming.’ There are various causes for global warming and its effects are so intense that it won't be a surprise if the mass extinction of animals and birds occur pretty. The main cause of global warming is human influence. Although humans are trying to eradicate this major disastrous, they are also making this disastrous occur. To further explain more clearly, Global warming is nothing but the exposure of harmful toxic gases to the atmosphere. Out of all of the harmful toxic gases, carbon dioxide is known to be as the major gas behind global warming. With the rapid increase of factories and industries by humans, a very high amount of toxic products are thrown-out into the environment. Carbon dioxide, a major ozone depletory, along with other harmful toxic gases such as methane, sulphurdioxide, carbon monoxide are thus exposed to the atmosphere, causing the ozone layer to get depleted, and thereby letting harmful radioactive particles to enter the Earth’s atmospherecausing rise in the surface temperature. In addition, automobiles also emit carbondioxide which similarly, chemical reactions preformed in the laboratory also help in the disposal of harmful toxic gases in the environment. Moreover, over use of the biohazard components such as fossil fuels...
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