Global Warming

Topics: Carbon dioxide, Greenhouse gas, Natural gas Pages: 3 (936 words) Published: May 29, 2013
Global Warming: An Introduction

1. What is global warming
A. How it happens
B. When it happens
2. When and how did it start
A. For how long has it existed
B. When was it officially addressed
C. The pace its moving at
3. What are the causes of global warming
A. Natural causes
B. Man-made causes
4. What are the effects of global warming
A. Effects of global warming on the seas and oceans
B. Increase in fires
C. Economic consequences

Global Warming: An Introduction

Is easy to believe that the things we do on a daily bases have no effect on our lives and on the planet we live on. However, scientists have proved that some of the simplest things humans do can cause so much damage to our race, sadly a lot of people know nothing of what is happening or what is going to happen if we carry on with this lifestyle. People may do things to release ‘’greenhouse” gases into the air and this warms our planet. That is called global warming. Global warming is when the earth starts to heat up. It happens when carbon dioxide is released into the atmosphere mixed with all the other gases in our air like oxygen, nitrogen and a couple of other gases. The molecules from these gases serve to absorb heat sent by the sun and release that heat into the air. The problem is when the carbon dioxide is added to our mix of gases it prevents them from doing their job by blocking the release of the heat leaving the earth; these types of gases that absorb the heat are called greenhouse gases. Green house gases trap heat and light from the sun which causes the world to heat up about six and a half degrees every eighty years. Scientist first claimed Global warming started when humans technological development evolved, however it was later proved that global warming began around eighteen thousand years ago with the end of the ice age, long before new day machines, cars and gases. Since then miles of glaciers have melted...
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