Global Warming

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Global Warming Essay Due? Here’s How to Write…
Considering how the Al Gore documentary,An Inconvenient Truth, has been officially integrated into the educational curriculum of schools all over the world, it wouldn’t be surprising if you one day have to write an essay on global warming. Don’t panic though. Writing one is a lot easier than you’ve  probably imagined, especially when you consider the tips below.

What’s the Page or Word Count?
You’re lucky if you’re not given any minimum page or word count requirements. But if you have been given them, here are several things to keep in mind:

A page with a 1” margin on all sides and double spaced Times New Roman 12 content will contain approximately 250 – 300 words.

You’ll later learn the different parts that make up an essay. Break down your page or word count according to those parts. Allocate more words to the parts you feel you’ll have an easier time writing. In most cases, these would be the introduction and conclusion since they’re often subjective. Basic Parts of the Essay

Introduction – This is the part where you mention what’s happening now because of global warming. You can also discuss the various key incidents that led to global warming, from deforestation to industrialization.

Body – This is the area where you define what global warming is. Enumerate its causes. Enumerate its effects. List what’s been done so far to promote this problem and what other actions that may be done to solve or stop global warming.

Remember, in the Body you should most likely write as objectively as possible. There’s time enough later to voice  your opinion.

Conclusion – Start with one or two brief paragraphs summarizing everything that you’ve written about. Move on next to expressing your opinion about what you’ve learned so far. End with a final decision or an overall statement about how you feel about global warming  and maybe even a prediction of what could happen if it’s not stopped. You could also end...
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