Global Warming

Topics: Global warming, Fossil fuel, Carbon dioxide Pages: 2 (687 words) Published: April 25, 2013

Global Warming

Global warming is “a gradual increase in planet-wide temperatures” (Global Warming). Is the earth really going through global warming? Many scientists say “yes” and that it is now more of a debate on who, nature or mankind, is to blame for how is it being caused. The rise in Greenhouse gasses is the main culprit for global warming, but after much research by many scientists around the world, humans are found to be the main cause of the rise, and I tend to agree. “Scientists learned long ago that the earth’s climate has powerfully shaped the history of the human species – biologically, culturally, and geographically. But only in the last few decades has research revealed that humans can be a powerful influence on the climate, as well” (Revkin).

I believe that with today’s problems and technology this issue will get worse before it gets any better. Our population keeps growing which means that expansion of housing is needed and forests need to be leveled to satisfy the increase. Along with this expansion of population, the consumption of food for humans is also growing. This consumption need means more livestock, which produce methane when digesting food. True, eating less meat might help to some degree but that is a very important dietary need for the human body. Transportation is another major cause. Gasoline of some type is a necessity for traveling almost anywhere at this moment in time, and vehicles motorized objects emit an enormous amount of carbon dioxide. There is technology that is greener but unfortunately it will be a while before that technology is available and affordable for everyone.

Carbon dioxide and methane are the primary greenhouse gasses that are causing global warming. These gasses come from mankind by way of burning fossil fuels, industrialization, pollution, and deforestation. The United Nations Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change reports “The global increases in...
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