Global Warming

Topics: Carbon dioxide, Global warming, Fossil fuel Pages: 1 (297 words) Published: March 12, 2013
Global warming is one of the most serious environmental problems that is mainly (concerned by) the government. In terms of addressing this problem, biofuels, which are a renewable energy produced from crops including corn, sugar cane and palm oil, are considered as a way to reduce carbon emissions. However, biofuels cannot solve this problem effectively due to their limitations which increase greenhouse gases emissions instead of reducing it and also cause deforestation. This essay will outline the limitations of biofuels and the issues that biofuels cause (in a long-term that cannot use as a solution to degrade) global warming.

Even though biofuels are promoted to use widely by the government due to their economic advantages, they are not able to alleviate global warming because in fact biofuels make the emissions increase. It is said that biofuels can reduce global warming significantly as biofuels burning to transportation contain up to 60 per cent less carbon than the emissions from fossil fuels. Nevertheless, John Duggan (2008, para 1) points out that these studies do not consider the emissions in various stages of biofuel production. Thus, relying on biofuels usage to reduce greenhouse gases emissions may lead to increasing in carbon emissions. According to Greenfield (2006, para 3) biofuels do not add carbon into the air because carbon emitted can be reabsorbed by biofuel crops. However, a study by the University of Minnesota show that “....” (Duggan 2008, para 2). Therefore, biofuels cannot be used to solve climate change.

Not only having some limitations but also biofuels can cause some other serious env issues to the atmosphere so biofuels are unlikely to alleviate global warming. By bringing numerous economic benefits for the governments, they promote biofuels crops and this leads to an increasing of land consumption, which contributes to deforestation
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