Global Warming

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  • Published : March 3, 2013
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Global Warming

Global warming is one of the major causes of the crazy weather these days. These days’ people don’t really pay attention to the harmful things that cause global warming. Global warming is the term used for the rising temperature of the earth’s average surface temperature over the past century due to the greenhouse gases. Greenhouse gases are the gases created by the burning of fossil fuels. The matter of global warming was discussed at the presidential debate but not very much and both sort of tried to dodge the topic of it. But I think that the presidents should have talked about it more since it is a big issue that the world is going through right now. They will eventually have to talk about this because the United States is one of the big reasons for pollution and carbon dioxide in the world. People should start helping to stop global warming because global warming causes many dangerous events to occur. Global warming is one of the most worried about issues of world leaders.

Global warming is caused by the carbon dioxide and other air pollution that is collecting in the atmosphere. This causes the sun heat to be trapped causing the earth to warm up. This is called the greenhouse effect. It is called that because the trapping of the heat is similar when greenhouses keep in the heat to help the plants grow. The air pollution and the carbon dioxide is from the big power plants that cause carbon dioxide to be released and cars and automobiles are the reason for the air pollution in the earth. Unfortunately the earth these days is getting hotter and hotter.

Global warming causes many disasters on earth. It causes the glaciers to melt which causes snow to melt early and severe droughts. Water shortages may become a problem in the American west. Global warming also causes the rising of sea levels that can cause a lot of flooding. This is a problem because the damages the floods cause can cost a lot of money. The sea is also warmer than...
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