Global Warming

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  • Published : February 6, 2013
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The past few decades, the world has been astonished by the amount of CO2 humans are emitting into the atmosphere and say if we do not stop, there will be dire consequences. But what they do not understand is that global warming will be the most benevolent thing human beings will ever grant the earth. Global warming will bring a copious amount of positives, which include saving money, eradicating animals that threaten the human species and saving the world from hunger.

Tree huggers need to stop thinking so much about the animals that will be affected. For example, the penguins, which will die off with global warming. They to me are just black and white bird things that swim around the cold and cannot fly. What purpose do they serve in life anyways? And to anyone who is sad for the dying polar bears because of the melting ice caps, let’s face it; we all know that polar bears are mean and cruel animals. Similar to brown bears in America, polar bears are incredibly aggressive and will gnaw on humans if provoked. By eliminating polar bears, we are exterminating a dangerous animal, which will in turn increase another species, Homo sapiens. With less polar bears around, there will be more humans living because there will be less polar bears killing, which seems reasonable.

With global warming, people will not only be less stressed about being eaten, we will also not have to worry about buying winter clothes again! Since it won’t be cold enough for us to wear those dreadfully enormous coats, with three additional sweaters underneath, we can just relax in shorts/skirts and a t-shirt. There will be no more worrying about losing the left glove of your snow mitts or having your hair freeze when waiting for the bus in the morning because you forgot to put on your hat. In addition, there will be more girls and guys wearing bikinis and shorts at beaches, which is a plus side for anyone.

Speaking of beaches, global warming will bring the coastlines much closer inland....
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