Global Warming

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Global Warming
Global warming is a very big problem. It causes many animals to live in an unsafe environment. The animals loose their homes and environments that they have lived in and thrived in for so long. It affects everyone in many ways. Almost always it is bad.

Global warming is when the earth heats up because of the rays of the sun and other things. Many of the things that cause global warming include greenhouse gasses, water vapor, nitrous oxide, and methane.

Many things that create greenhouse gasses include turning on lights, watching T.V., riding in a car, and playing video games. When all these things are stuck in our atmosphere it causes light to come in but not escape back out. This causes the heat to bounce back and forth between earth and our atmosphere.

To prevent global warming we can refrain from using things that use a lot of energy/power. It's really the simple things that help make a big difference. A few ways you can help is by carpooling, which saves a ton of gas and money, also you can turn off electronics such as television, computer, and lights.

Recycling is also a big deal now to us humans. It helps us reuse things and make more of what we need from what we had. It saves the planet and environments. It takes a lot of money but it has to be worth it because we are saving our earth. Statistics show although Americans created 246 million tons of MSW in 2005, which is 2 million tons smaller than the MSW generated in 2004 - so a pretty big drop in MSW happened in about a year's time.

The energy we use everyday is nuclear energy, hydraulic energy, wind energy, geothermal energy, and solar energy. There is also mechanical energy, electrical energy, and the energy of light.

A few problems with the energy we use today is that non-renewable sources (abundance is getting lower), Unwanted, and Toxic Waste (Waste disposal problems). At the rate we are using hydrocarbon fuel; we could finish our resources VERY soon. A few ways...
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