Global Warming

Topics: Global warming, Greenhouse gas, Carbon dioxide Pages: 10 (3669 words) Published: January 27, 2013
Global warming is the gradual increase of the Earth’s average measured temperature overtime. This measured average temperature is derived from both the near-surface air as well as ocean waters. Scientists began measuring this temperature beginning in the mid-20th century and have continued to monitor fluctuations and deviations in measurements ever since. The average global temperature increased approximately 1.33°F over the past 100 years ending in 2005. This led the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change (IPCC) to investigate the causes of this gradual increase in the Earth’s average temperature. The panel attributed most of the increase in temperature to “anthropogenic,” or man-made, influences. These influences include greenhouse gas concentrations that directly manipulate the greenhouse effect. This conclusion, although basic, has been supported by over 30 scientific societies and scientific academies. Although there have been increased debate into the causes and existence of global warming, there still remains an overwhelming scientific consensus who believes that what the IPCC found is valid.

Global warming has been vaulted onto center stage during the past decade. With movies such as An Inconvenient Truth, the work of political figures such as Al Gore, and the increased debate over polar ice caps, rising sea levels, pollution, becoming “Greener,” oil and gas prices, and carbon dioxide, global warming is something that most of the world’s population is aware of and concerned with. With an investigation into what global warming is, we can begin to understand how we, as people, are affecting our planet, and what it could do to not only us, but to our children, and our children’s children. It is important to recognize that global warming is a topic that has been heavily researched and publicized. What is unfortunate though is that most people have still failed to recognize or believe what scientists have released. Since the climate change has been gradual, people do not recognize the slight changes in temperature and therefore, fail to realize their impact on the environment. It seems nowadays, that it takes a catastrophic event to cause people to change and understand the impacts of their decisions.

The bottom line is that global warming is not going away. This paper will seek to first understand what global warming is, the causes of global warming, what global warming is doing to us, as a society, in the present day, what global warming is going to do to us in the future if we don’t make necessary changes, what we can do, as individuals, about global warming, and what industry can do about global warming to possibly reverse its effect on the environment and society.

Hopefully, this paper will allow the reader to fully understand how global warming can damage not only the health of the people throughout today’s society, but how it can also directly impact future societies and the way they live. Global warming is something that can not be overlooked and it must continuously be measured, understood and investigated to determine if the ways of our society are either correcting or increasing the effects of global warming. Without scientific backing, the global warming debate is virtually irrelevant and we, as a society, are left with numbers without explanations, left to determine our own interpretations of what the media is feeding us, and are undoubtedly led to believe that either our changes are working, or they have done little to effect global warming, climate change and global temperature fluctuations. Overall, this paper will be a basis for future study in global warming that others can use to enhance their understanding of global warming and hopefully determine better, more efficient, ways of attacking it. II. WHAT ARE THE CAUSES OF GLOBAL WARMING?

There are many causes of global warming which include carbon dioxide emissions from power plants, carbon dioxide emissions from...
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