Global Warming

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  • Published : January 17, 2013
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Aleena Jose
How Does Global Warming Affect the Plants of This World?
The field of study that I am focusing on is biology. Since biology is the study of life, the way how Global warming affects the lives of plants in this world clearly falls under the statistics of biology. The main dynamic in the field of biology that best fits is botany. Botany is the science of plant life. It deals with the way how plants adapt, metabolize, develop, and change due to environmental forces. By focusing on this field I can see how environmental problems such as global warming, can disrupt the growth and reproduction of plants. I can also see how global warming can impact the world in a positive way. My main goal is to see how potentially bad global warming can be these days to plants on Earth. Global warming is one of the most affective problems that have caused many changes to our world. The greenhouse effect is part of global warming; it absorbs heat in the earth’s atmosphere. When there is too much heat being stored and absorbed, many plants will lose its functions and there can only be a slight possibility for it to adapt to the new temperature. This environmental problem caused by us humans has caused the emission of carbon dioxide to go beyond its limits. Because carbon dioxide levels are booming, plants have to make more chemicals to break down the gas, which as a result, lowers the protein level in those plants. Plants such as quinoa, lentils, and tempeh are losing their protein level in years. This loss of protein requires agriculturalists to use more chemicals and fertilizers to make protein-rich plants. According to Global Carbon Project (an international union of scientists) emissions of carbon dioxide rose 5.9 percent in 2010 and it is still increasing every day. The increase of gases from burning fossil fuels, burning forests, and greenhouse gases emissions, makes it difficult for not only plants to survive, it gives us humans more trouble in fixing the...
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