Global Warming

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  • Published : January 10, 2013
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Global Warming: Fact or Fiction
Taishanna Thomas
American Intercontinental University

Global Warming: Fact or Fiction
Since 1997 when Global Warming was first discovered, there has been a lot of debate about it. Til this day there is still a lot of debate on whether Global Warming exist or if it’s something that doesn’t exist. During this reading I will explain the history of Global Warming, the causes and effects, how it affect the planet, humans and animals, statistics, and the many debate on if Global Warming is fact or fiction. Let’s start with what Global Warming is.

According to Global Warming is defined as a scientific proposal that the Earth's average atmospheric temperature is currently warming up due to increasing levels of greenhouse gases and/or other factors. This distinguishes it from the natural warming effect of greenhouse gases at their long-term normal level. The cause of Global Warmig is believed to be caused by a natural fact. An example of natural factors can be solar activity, greenhouse effect and a host of other things. To really understand Global Warming one has to know exactly what the greenhouse effect is and how it contributes to Global Warming. The Greenhouse Effect is the process where the radiations coming from the Sun are trapped by gases that are in greenhouses in the atmosphere which causes tempature near the earth to rise. Some of these gases are carbon dioxide carbon monoxide, methane, water vapors and so on and so forth.

The Greenhouse Effect is not a bad thing to the Earth. In retrospect the Earth wouldn’t be Earth without it. If Earth did not have this, the Earth would be very cold because with the greenhouse effect it produces the heat that we need to keep our planet at a climate control. Some scientist believe that there are many effects and consequences of global warming. According to The Buzzule ( droughts, epidemics, floods, melting of polar caps, and smog all play a role on...
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