Global Warming

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  • Published : December 29, 2012
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AD 3 :

* The underlying psychology of the ad is to get people to realize the impact of human activity on the earth and also to warn mankind of the danger/ harm such activities can cause on nature’s balance which is currently being disrupted due to various reasons like pollution, greenhouse effect etc. Its trying to show the state of mother earth in the future if steps are not taken to control this situation right now. * The ad is not easy to comprehend and the cause of global warming is not clearly shown in the graphical representation. It can be misleading and can easily be taken to be some other ad. * Although the liner used i.e. ‘if we don’t act now, the future looks blue’ is very catchy and hard hitting its effect is lost due to the small size of the font used in the ad. * There is no identified sponsor/ advertiser carrying out the ad which makes it less effective as a corporate presence always helps in generating buzz for any cause. * Brand name, logo and tagline are absent.

* It may not have the necessary impact on the audience due to poor appeal so the advertiser’s efforts to promote the cause are in vain. REDONE AD:

* The above ad shows a visual of the earth in a traumatic setting showing the loss it has been caused due to ignorance of mankind towards global warming. * The vivid shades of blue and green also known as the cool color scheme are colors of nature used to create a visual which is close to reality and one can relate the colors with the items shown in the ad. * The organization supporting the cause i.e. p.a.l.s (pure air lovers society) is clearly mentioned in the ad. * It really makes you want to sit and stare at it for a couple of minutes as its very hard-hitting and possible the prediction for mother earth and our future generations to come. * The sinking of the earth i.e. the only planet with life on it shows the end of civilization where everything has come to a standstill. It is the doom that...
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