Global Warming

Topics: United Arab Emirates, Global warming, Greenhouse gas Pages: 10 (3283 words) Published: December 9, 2012
Global warming
Zayed University – Dubai
Meera Ali Mohamed Al Taheri
Final Draft

The aim behind this research paper is to find out what global warming is? And to find out the causes of global warming, and how to solve it or reduce the harm of it. Moreover to discover how the United Arab Emirates citizens think about this problem and how much they are aware about global warming. A survey of eight questions was published on the internet; 49 participants answer the questions on this survey. Most of the participants thought that global warming is happening and they thought that this problem is important to them personally. On the other hand most of the participants responded that there is no action in the world regarding this problem. Most of them thought that the problem will be solved or reduced in an effective way if the government, business and people themselves take an action regard this problem. The majority of the participants do not have an idea about the amount of carbon emissions that the United Arab Emirates is producing.

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A lot of things started to change around the world after the industrial revolution, such as economic changes as it was cited here “The industrial revolution certainly saw some dramatic changes in the economy and society of Britain. There was a huge increase in the numbers of people employed in industrial manufacturing, making goods of all kinds, but especially textiles, iron goods, metal wares and pottery, for both overseas and domestic markets” (Change And Opportunity In Economy And Society Of Britain c1750-c1830, 2009). The changes were not only on the economic side but they really affected many sides of life around the world. There were major changes in social life after the industrial revolution, people moved from the country side to cities to get better jobs and salaries, and the population increased after the industrial revolution because of the better living conditions and health care. According to McLamb (2011) “At the dawn of the Industrial Revolution in the mid 1700s, the world’s human population grew by about 57 percent to 700 million. It would reach one billion in 1800” (McLamb, 2011). Also there were many changes in the environment of the earth, the temperature started to get higher, flood started to destroy some parts of the world, on the other side drought was killing many people, animals and plants on our planet. Fires started destroying forests, the rising in sea levels and pollution. The pollution problem due to the industrial revolution was cited in a website called Environmental History Resources “The growth of the major industrial cities also caused water pollution. All too often, rivers that pass through urban areas became a receptacle for human waste products, both domestic and industrial” (The Industrial Age). Temperature got higher, floods, droughts, fires in forests, rising in sea levels and pollution all happened because of global warming, and it is still affecting the world nowadays. So what are the main reasons for global warming, what are the affects of this phenomenon and what are the future plans to stop or reduce the affects of global warming? This paper will mainly focus on these three questions and the role of countries around the world, and especially our country the United Arab Emirates (UAE) towards solving and reducing the affects of this problem. Literature review

Definition and cause of global warming
Global warming is defined as the unusual rapid increase in the earth’s average temperature over the past centuries because of the increase of greenhouse gases in the atmosphere, which people are producing these daily by doing their normal activities (Riebeek, 2010). All of this in happening now...
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