“Global Terrorism Is the ‘Dark Side’ of Globalization”. Discuss.

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Topic: “Global terrorism is the ‘dark side’ of globalisation”. Discuss.

''The “dark side of globalisation” is best thought of as the “unrelenting growth of cross-border illegal activities […] that threaten the institutions of the state and civil society in many countries” (Calvani, 2000). In other words, terrorists, traffickers in drugs, women and children, and organised crime utilise global networks and flows for their own ends'' (Rumford, 2001: p.2). Indeed, since 9/11, terrorism has taken a different turn and became one of the main global issue of the 21st century. By the end of the cold war, as one the of the two superpower collapsed the world of politics entered a new world order shaped by the american unipolarity. Since it was the end of an ideological war and as Fukuyama (1992) stated ''the end of the history'' in order to describe this period; liberalism and western values had triumphed which meant no more war possible as only one great power existed. Unfortunately, the end of this era brought tensions that were hiding and promoting during the cold war and global terrorism can be considered as one of them, especially when we consider that it was the U.S. that has armed Bin Laden during the cold war. Moreover, the new world order coincided when the globalisation grew in importance; ''For the first time in modern history, globalisation was superimposed onto a world with a single superpower'' (Weber and Barma and Kroenig and Ratner, 2007: p.49). On the fist hand, Global terrorism is quite a complex term to define; ''The common point of all definitions was their description of terror as “illegal”, “evil” and “an unwanted phenomenon”. Its lawlessness and its merciless attacks without differentiating between innocent-criminal, civil-armed are listed as other characteristics of terrorism. Violence and blood-shedding… Lurid acts… The list of terror’s characteristics may further be extended.'' (JTW, 2007). Global terrorism (and also the idea of the 'war on terrorism') is a very good example of how we come to see the world as interconnected as a single place, it can be considered as a contemporary form of war as conventional war do not exist anymore. On the other hand, globalisation can be best thought of as the growing interconnectedness in the world. It is the result of a series of historical processes (economic, political, cultural) through which the world has become compressed, and which have led to an awareness that the world is becoming a single place. Since terrorism started to become a major issue in the international politics when the world began to be more and more interconnected we can ask ourselves is the global terrorism the 'dark side' of globalisation ? In order to answer this question I will first demonstrate how and why global terrorism can be considered as the 'dark side' of globalisation and then I will nuance this statement by claiming that globalisation is the not the cause of global terrorism. The main argument of this essay is that we can consider global terrorism as the 'dark side' of globalisation in the sense that globalisation has, unfortunately, promoted and aroused the development and global terrorism but more precisely, globalisation is a form of americanisation and therefore global terrorism is a consequence of the rejection of the western values.

''From terrorism to global warming, the evils of globalisation are more dangerous than ever before'' (Weber and Barma and Kroenig and Ratner, 2007: p.48). In fact, global terrorism can be considered as the dark side of globalisation when we observe its evolution within the last decades, in fact we can talk about a new kind of war and a reject of the western values. Moreover, I would argue that terrorism is the dark side of globalisation in the sense that it uses some of the components of globalisation to become global and to improve its impacts and its goals. Furthermore, globalisation has unfortunately reinforcing...
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