Global Temperatures Rising

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Global Temperatures Rising
Popular articles and scholarly articles are very different in the way they present their topics. My first article is from the website ScienceDaily which is a popular scientific website. The popular source article that I chose is “Global Warming 'Not Slowing Down,' Say Researchers.” My scholarly article is “Global temperature evolution 1979–2010” which was written by Grant Foster and Stefan Rahstorf and later published by IOP Publishing. Each article presents its information in a unique way but also has similarities in its key points. They have different purposes, different meanings and different levels of exaggeration; however, they show similarities in that they both explore the same topic. Global Warming and Global temperatures are both topics that refer to an important issue that is being studied by scientists. Each one of the articles discusses the temperature change that goes along with Global Warming, but they differ in the way that the scholarly article is much more detailed and analytical, while the popular article describes the major aspects of temperature changes.

The popular article’s purpose is to warn people that rising global temperature change is not going away. As the first sentence states “Researchers have added further clarity to the global climate trend, proving that global warming is showing no signs of slowing down and that further increases are to be expected in the next few decades” (Global). The main point trying to be presented to the audience is rising global temperatures is an actual occurring phenomenon. The article uses scientific research as evidence to promote the concept of global warming. In today’s society, there are many skeptics of global warming, but as the evidence becomes more convincing, people must realize this hazardous change is here to stay.

The scholarly article’s reason for publication is very similar to the popular article’s in that it was used to present the findings of Grant Foster and Stefan Rahstorf on temperature change. They used five global temperature scales for their time interval, which began in1979 and ended in 2010. During this time, they graphed and analyzed the series of records that were recorded by the temperature scales. While studying these records, they realized that there was a constant global warming trend. What made their research different was that they factored in short-term, natural occurring events that caused temperature variations. Some of these events included a volcanic eruption that could block the sun causing a greenhouse effect and also El Niño which is the temperature of the surface of the tropical eastern Pacific Ocean that can warm or cool. Through their work, the two scientists were able to predict further temperature increases in the next few decades. Due to this, they also emphasized the urgency of confronting the human influence on the climate.

Both articles present similarities in the content of their information. The acceptance of global warming is presented in both essays. The popular article uses key points from the scholarly article to persuade the audience that global warming exists. For instance, in each article it is said that global temperature has increased by 0.5oC. Also, the two hottest years are stated as 2009 and 2010. Both articles have identical final sentences. The popular article quotes the scholarly article by saying “its unabated increase is powerful evidence that we can expect further temperature increase in the next few decades, emphasizing the urgency of confronting the human influence on climate.”(Foster, Grant, and Stefan Rahmstorf) By concluding the same way, the articles leave the reader believing that it is not only a popular topic, but is a scientifically proven fact. It proves to the reader that this phenomenon is a continuing problem and is only going to get worse.

While both articles discuss the ongoing problem of global warming, the most distinguishing characteristic...
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