Global Tech Simulation

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  • Published : April 30, 2013
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The simulation wasn’t as intuitive as I thought at first; it took three tries and 20 steps in order to get the 61% buy in order to complete the simulation. There was one steps taken that gave a 0 or neutral buy, basically a waste of money and time. I quickly evaluated that in order to start a change process and achieve the buy in and support, activities need to be done in a certain order. I think the simulation does take into account the perceived human emotions surrounding change, however, it only takes into account the desired reaction to the change, obviously real life is a little more complex to determine. The same approach can be taken nonetheless, in using the Mckinsey 7-S model on the Global Tech simulation, the plan according to the strategy, structure, systems, skills and shared values and beliefs helped in the organizational change. First, concerning the strategy, the leader has been reactive and changed the strategy by adding the commercial sector to the company’s market focus beside the military sector. Second, concerning the structure, hiring new employees to the organization in different departments to be responsible of the new market segments has modified the company structure, but the organization continued to be only hierarchical. Therefore, during the implementation to have a cross-functional team with diversified experiences on the same table for adding value to the new strategy. Third, regarding the systems, the new strategy has required the core change team to work on different systems for enhancing the company’s performance, such as cost analysis for offering a competitive price product, employees training and development, restructuring the compensation system and improving the communication across the departments as they were not aligned. Fourth, as for the skills, the company was competent in terms of its R&D department, which provides the high-technological GPS. According to the new strategy, the cross-functional team purpose was to...