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Kaplan University
Shonae Doremus
Tammy Madsen
September 15, 2010

I believe that Brazil would be a good coffee bean producing country for Tim to look into because it is the largest coffee producing country. In Brazil, the plantations cover huge areas and employ hundreds of workers to tend the plants. The best growing areas offer moderate sunlight and rain, steady temperatures of around 70 degrees Fahrenheit, and rich soil. (Coffee Bean Producers) The economy of Brazil also is dependent upon the industries and agriculture of Brazil. Brazil is the highest producing country in the Latin America in the field of agriculture. The excessive production has also led to the export of agricultural goods to other countries and thus, earning good amount of money. The economic advantages of dealing with Brazil for coffee are, Brazil's weather can be described as excellent year-round. This is a great benefit for Brazilian coffee growers. Because of their country's weather, Brazilian specialty coffee growers can choose the processing method most suitable for the desired coffee quality. (Brazil's Weather - How it Benefits Specialty Coffee Growers) Yes, Brazil has environmental laws that align with the United States. Some of these laws include, water, land and cross media. These all protect the environment and products and goods that are imported and exported in and out of these countries. There is an advantage of divulging the source of the coffee beans that companies use because there are some people who have a preference of the coffee beans used. Coffee beans have unique tastes and do not all taste the same.


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