Global Sanitation

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  • Published: February 28, 2013
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A Research Paper
Presented to
Ms. Girlie R. Ricanor
Lorma Colleges
City of San Fernando

In Partial Fulfilment
of the Requirements
English 2
Second Semester, 2012-2013
Roxanne O. Valmonte
Rachelle M. Vinas
Roxan Jean P. Salinga
Allyssa R. Cachero
Abbygale Saluta
February 27, 2012 TABLE OF CONTENTS
I. The Problem
A. Introduction
B. Statement of the Problem
C. Importance of the Study
D. Scope and Limitation of the Study
E. Definition of Terms
II. Presentation, Analysis and Interpretation
A. Definition of Sanitation
B. Definition of Environmental Sanitation
C. 8 Millennium Developmental Goals
1. Goal 1
2. Goal 2
3. Goal 3
4. Goal 4
5. Goal 5
6. Goal 6
7. Goal 7
8. Goal 8
D. Gender and Sanitation
1. Women
2. Sanitation and Hygiene
3. Sanitation Crisis
E. Binaries and Barriers
1. Binaries
2. Barriers
III. Summary, Conclusion and Recommendations
IV. Bibliography

A disturbing remark that numbers show that diseases coming from improper hygiene and waste disposal not only make people suffer or even kill then but make the beautiful environment perish as well. When will people see this problem, is it when it’s too late? No! We won’t let it happen! How? Global sanitation: An environmental response. Sanitation generally refers to the provision of facilities and services for the safe disposal of human urine and feces .Inadequate sanitation is a major cause of disease worldwide and improving sanitation is known to have a significant beneficial impact on health both in our households and across our communities. It also provides great impact in our environment where we live. The word “sanitation” also refers to the maintenance of hygienic conditions, through services such as garbage collection and wastewater disposal. Sanitation is not...
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