Global Potentiality of Bangladeshi Handicraft

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Global Potentiality of Bangladeshi Handicraft
Handicraft of Bangladesh is closely related with its culture and heritage. It expresses who we are and how our country was in previous times. As the world is being globalized rapidly, every product is being produced using machines but handicrafts make itself different from these kinds of product because personal touch of the maker. Each piece of handicraft tells the story of a craftsman, whether its pottery, jewelry or random pieces of art, the personal touch makes a world of difference. Every Nakshi Katha is a story of women.Our handicraft is not made by a dumb machine but it’s a work of sweat and blood. Once there was a time our handicraft was in our national boarder but with the help of globalization our handicraft reached to the furthest corner of the world. It draws well attention of people. As it is eco-friendly, people are moving towards from the machine to nature. There is enormous potentiality of handicraft in global market. BSCIC (Bangladesh Small and Cottage Industries Corporation) gives training to the people related to crafting and making them resourceful in this sector. So the investor can have good craftsmen to meet the global quality standard. However, there are more than 1000 large scale Handicraft producers in Bangladesh, where only 300 are enlisted with Banglacraft (the association of handicraft manufacturers and exporters). A large no of handicraft producer sells their good in local market and a few numbers are involved in export. Table-01: Showing some leading organizations current profile.      

Organization-| Hathay Bunano p.s.| Naksha| Prabartana| Arong| Prokritee| Type| NGO’s| Private| NGO’s| NGO’s| NGO’S|
Start from| 2005| 1993| 1986| 1976| 2001|
Manpower| 4000| 500| 5000| 65000| 2000|
Product House| 38| 2| -| 653| 20|
Main product| Kids items (Toys, dresses)| All types of textile Handicrafts| All types of handicrafts| All types of handicrafts| All types of Handicrafts (Specially produce Handmade  paper)| Market| Export| Local| 99% Local| 96% Local| 99% Export| Turn Over| -| 7-8Mn. Taka| 100Mn. Taka| -| 700Mn. Taka.| Table-01: Current position of some leading handicraft manufacturers in Bangladesh.

SWOT analysis of Bangladesh’s Handicraft
Strength of our Handicrafts: The following issues giving Handicraft business the stamina to compete with the artificial machine made products and effort to take place in domestic and international market-  1. It provides large product variety and range as it is full of diversified culture. 2. Industry provides services to different market (Handicrafts, Textiles, Jewelry) because of diversified product range. 3. Naturally we are resourceful in craft raw materials.

4. Industry needs low capital investment.
5. Low barriers for new entry in market.
6. Products are highly value added, and handicrafts have various applications. 7. It is a potential source of foreign revenue because of high export demand. 8. Industry provides potential sources of employment.

Impediments for Growth: The following weaknesses are the main barriers for the Handicraft business development and making business more and more competitive - 1. Narrow product range and lack of new and innovative designs suitable for overseas markets; have been identified as main constraints for growth of handicraft export from Bangladesh. 2. Industry is lacking with infrastructure and communication facilities. 3. Lack of capabilities in producing large volume.

4. Lack of updated information on changing tastes and preferences of overseas buyers often restricts market access of potential products. 5. Lack of finance and non-introduction of effective technology are also recognized as major inadequacy for healthy growth of the sector. 6. Lack of co-ordination between government bodies and private players. 7. Inadequate information of current market...
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