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  • Published : February 28, 2013
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McKinsey Global Leadership Course – Learning Journal

|讲座主题 |Lean Operations | |Lecture topic | | |课程内容与感悟 | |Your Takeaways | |In this lecture, Mr. Gernot Strube together with Mr. Andy Koehler gave us a wonderful speech about how to create value through operation. | |According to the lecturer, operations performance has major impact on corporate market value. As for Adidas, growth is more value creating | |than margin expansion: there are 14% increase in value from 1% increase in growth while 11% increase in value from 1% increase in margin. But | |for JCI, the main lever for value creation is margin expansion. Although difference exists, both two levers are related to the operation | |performance and we can see that the value of the two firms besides the value from today’s operation, are affected mostly by two elements – | |value upside from performance improvements and value upside from future growth. So we can draw the conclusion that operational levers are key | |drivers of company value. In my opinion that is really true because most long-term investors focus on the basic operational performance of a | |firm when they consider how much the company values and how much they will invest. | | | |As for today, companies seems to take advantage...
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