Global Motion Review Paper

Topics: Dance, Performing arts, Africa Pages: 2 (490 words) Published: May 21, 2013
CloJasmine Johnson
Dance 3
Professor Douglas
May 6, 2013

Global Motions Review
Global Motion, world dance performance company, performed in Santa Monica this past Saturday, May 4, 2013, at the Broad Stage in the production titled Poverty and Wealth. The performance featured twelve unique pieces that each presented a different aspect of the world diverse cultures.

The performances all told the story of all cultures that represent the world and the diverse student body at Santa Monica College. There was the Flamenco from Spain, Classical Ballet from France, Guinea from West Africa, Rumba from Cuba, Mexican Folklorico from Mexico, Contemporary Jazz form the USA, and more. This performance took you on a trip around the world. The music, costumes, lighting, choreography all gave you a little piece of the culture history. For Example, Belle of the Ball, choreographed by Cynthia Molnar, took you back to the late 17th century with the longer tutus and when ballet was performed for the courts of France, the rich. The choreography was angelic and costumes gave a modern twist with the colors pink and red.

The piece of art that stuck out to me the most was Mairiam/Bijou, choreographed by Angela Jordon. The dance has a storyline which is Mairiam descends from a west African village, poor in wealth, but rich in tradition and family bonds. Along her journey with life she falls in love with a king and becomes queen. She is torn between her new life and old life. The piece of art begins with African women doing their daily activities, which was washing. From there, the story unfolds through dance, music, and costumes. The music took you back to the motherland with the musicians playing the congos and the singer who seem to be singing in an African language. The costumes show the difference class levels- poor folks wearing brown, green and royalty wore purple and gold. (purple symbolizes royalty). The choreography builds up along with the music to the end. (coda) the...
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