Global Media Intelligence Report

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The Global Media Intelligence Report

September 2010


The Global Media Intelligence Report

Companies worldwide will spend nearly half a trillion dollars on advertising this year. But spending that money wisely is more of a challenge now than ever before because of the changes brought about by the growing importance of digital media. To meet that challenge, marketers need dependable data about evolving economic conditions, consumer spending patterns, media consumption habits and competitor spending levels. And multinational corporations and their agencies need to compare and contrast these trends across regions and countries. Finally, there is the inexorable global shift to digital, where both consumers and marketers are spending more time and money. Yet for all but the most developed markets, there is a lack of objective, credible information available to help marketers strategize and execute their digital marketing plans. Which is precisely why we created this report. In true collaboration, eMarketer produced this Global Media Intelligence report with the help of Starcom MediaVest Group (SMG). The report covers media usage developments, advertising spending and marketing trends for six regions worldwide, as well as detailed information for 29 countries. Under the leadership of Kate Sirkin, EVP of Global Research, the SMG team helped identify and gather the most compelling data from leading research sources in both local and core global markets. eMarketer then crunched the numbers, evaluating and analyzing data from multiple research sources, including SMG and other respected firms that have longstanding presence and deep knowledge of their respective geographic markets. We believe this intelligent “aggregation and analysis” approach yields a far more accurate and objective picture of the global marketplace than any single research source could provide. We are sincerely grateful to the research firms who generously agreed to have their data featured in this report, the names of whom are too numerous to be listed here, but can be seen in the many citations in the pages that follow. Laura Desmond Global CEO Starcom MediaVest Group Geoff Ramsey CEO and Co-Founder eMarketer


Overview Australia China India Japan South Korea

AP-1 AP-2 AP-6 AP-9 AP-12 AP-16 CE-1 CE-2 CE-4 CE-6 CE-7 CE-11 LA-1 LA-2 LA-5 LA-7 LA-9 LA-11 LA-15 LA-17 MA-1 MA-2 MA-4 MA-6 NA-1 NA-2 NA-6 WE-1 WE-2 WE-5 WE-9 WE-14 WE-16 WE-18 WE-22 EAP-1 ECE-1 ELA-1 EMA-1 ENA-1 EWE-1

Central and Eastern Europe

Overview Bulgaria Czech Republic Romania Russia Serbia

Latin America

Overview Argentina Brazil Chile Colombia Mexico Peru Venezuela

Middle East and Africa

Overview Egypt Lebanon Saudi Arabia

North America

Overview Canada US

Western Europe

Overview France Germany Italy Netherlands Portugal Spain UK


Asia-Pacific Central and Eastern Europe Latin America Middle East and Africa North America Western Europe

The Global Media Intelligence Report September 2010


Executive Summary

Take a global advertising/media industry that has been going through seismic changes (most notably, the inexorable shift toward digital channels), add a worldwide recession, and you have a situation that can confuse even the savviest marketers. The purpose of this Global Media Intelligence report is to help you make sense of the often-conflicting data and shed some light on the trends that will have the most impact on your business. Some of the most obvious—and the most important:

I The global recession sped up the shift of marketing dollars to digital in large developing markets such as China,

India and Brazil.
I Mobile phone usage has become the dominant form of communication in emerging markets, in some cases

even overtaking TV.
I In developed regions, marketers can engage the consumer at multiple access points (e.g., TV, online, mobile,

out-of-home) virtually simultaneously, providing...
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