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Topics: Mobile phone, GSM, Mobile network operator Pages: 15 (4578 words) Published: March 5, 2013
AN EMPIRICAL ANALYSIS OF CONSUMER SWITCHING BEHAVIOR TOWARDS MOBILE NUMBER PORTABILITY K. Kumaresh1 and S.Praveena2 Research Scholar, Department of ARM, TamilNadu Agricultural University, Coimbatore Email:,

ABSTRACT India is the third largest mobile network in the world after China and USA. Indian mobile market is one of the fastest growing market. India has seen rapid increase in the number of players which caused the tariff rates to hit an all time low. This allowed the players to target the low income population thereby increasing the market share. The availability of a number of subscriber options for consumers and varied tariff rates of each player, lead the consumers to switch between service providers. Mobile number portability permits to a mobile subscriber to switch operators without changing his/her telephone number. This study focuses on the mobile number portability among the mobile users in Erode district of TamilNadu. Mobile number portability is now a crucial issue for mobile service providers. The most challenging job for the present day is that retain existing mobile customers. The mobile operator’s ability to retain its customer has a direct impact on its profitability and effectiveness. Losing a customer will affect the mobile operators in terms of cost. Percentage analysis, Garrett ranking and Factor Analysis were used for this research. The results revealed that promotional offers, family orientation and service affordability is the most important factor influencing the mobile subscriber intention to switch service provider. From this study most of the respondents were satisfied with the Mobile Number portability.

Keywords: Mobile Number Portability, Switching Behaviour, Service, Customer satisfaction. INTRODUCTION The telecom industry is one of the fastest growing industries in India. India has about 200 million telephone lines making it the third largest network in the world after China and USA. With a growth rate of 45 per cent, Indian telecom industry has the highest growth rate in the world ( The mobile communication plays a major role in telecommunication industry. Indian telecommunication sector is prosperous as Indian economies are considerably good. Mobile network comes under the service sector, which is VOLUME NO.1, ISSUE NO.11 10 ISSN 2277-1166


experiencing a rapid development which in turn is supporting the growth in Indian economy, provides ample chances employment and self employment generation. As mobile number portability has been introduced in India, retaining existing customers is now a very tough job for network providers. After the introduction of mobile number portability in India, the mobile user’s switching turnover is more. This paper brings to light the reasons behind that Mobile Number Portability on Switching Behavior-Indian Mobile Market. Mobile Number Portability is the process by which, one can move to another operator of one’s choice, but one can retain the old number. The advantage is that one need not have to go through the problem of informing all your friends & family that your number has changed - it stays the same. Subscriber can keep with the same technology, GSM/CDMA. Also shift to CDMA or vice versa. Both post-paid & prepaid subscribers can use it. Globally, the introduction of MNP across markets has witnessed a mixed response from customers. The push for MNP implementation has always been led by market regulators in an effort to provide mobile customers with the freedom to move between service providers and drive healthier competition. Globally, among the major countries, Singapore was the first to implement MNP In 1997, followed by Hong Kong, Australia, Germany, US and France etc., MNP has been introduced in India, in two phases. It has been introduced first in Indian...
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