Global Management Skills

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  • Published : January 31, 2013
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The collapse of international economic boundaries, rapid changes, workforce mobility and diversity, and the economic interdependence of countries is what is popularly known as Globalisation. This phenomena poses difficult challenges to everyone especially mangers to reassess their capabilities and get ready to manage internationally. The need arises from the fact that traditional management skills are designed to manage only in local environment which is comparatively static and non changing. Contrarily international business environment is highly volatile, and rapidly changing. The skills meant for local environment will thus be insufficient if one has to manage in an international scene. It can be compared with the example of a person who can swim in a swimming pool but what will happen if the same person is thrown to a deep sea having turbulent Waives and engulfing tides. In essence today managers need new management skills which are equally effective for managing both local and international business operations. Armed with these skills one can become like an international soldier capable of fighting international wars. The skills inventory can be very long but grouped together the following core skills will be required for effective global managers: 1-COMFORT WITH RAPID CHANGE: Change is not just a fad word but a reality and a harsh reality to be embraced and dealt with. As such global managers must be very comfortable with rapid changes and competent in making futuristic decisions. It also means reducing one’s susceptibility to cultural shocks and developing a high tolerance for unfamiliar people, situations and things. 2- NETWORKING SKILLS: The adage that ‘It doesn’t matter how much you know-rather it matters who do you know’ is extremely relevant in most of the countries. It is thus extremely important for international business operators to acquire the knack for...
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