Global Leadership

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Global leadership and people management

According to Howkins, creative industry comprises advertising, architecture, art, crafts, design, fashion, film, music, performing, arts, photography, R&D, software, toys and games, TV and radio, and video games. The industry shares some similar competencies with those of successful global leaders. According to the article Global leadership competencies: a review and discussion by Tiina Jokinen, there are three main types or levels of global leadership competencies could be identified: “core of global leadership competencies”, “desired mental characteristics of global leaders” and “desired behavioral competencies of global leaders”. The differences between the characteristics of global leadership and creative industry will be analyzed on the basis of these three types. The core

The fundamental global leadership competencies are self-awareness, engagement in personal transformation and inquisitiveness. For people who work in creative industry, they are the driving forces as well. Self-awareness means that a person has a deep understanding of his/her emotions, strengths and weaknesses, needs and drives, sources of frustration and reactions to problems. For one who works in creative industry, he has to be aware of himself, his advantage and supported by self-confident, well developed ego and understanding of his own values, so that he could create works that could convince the consumers. Those who are highly engaged in personal transformation will avoid limiting assumptions, desire to experience new things and never stop developing his knowledge and skills. This is vital in creative industry where changes are always there and those who work there have to adapt to it by seeking new ideas. Inquisitiveness is referred to curiosity and concern with context. Seeking new information and keeping updated to the latest new are required in the industry. The inquisitiveness is the key force behind. Self-awareness, engagement...
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